Globalization has revolutionized the business landscape, and while it has transformed the marketplace and expanded market reach, it has also brought a more dynamic competition factor into play which has clearly redefined the way companies operate and carry out their business. Companies are now being forced to stay more focused on their core competencies by utilizing a strategy of outsourcing as a way to complement and supplement their internal capabilities. Some key advantages presented by this model:

·     The ability to contract able resources, without the long-term commitment
·     The ability to expense vs. capitalize the investment
·     The ability to focus on new products, while reducing scheduling impact from competing projects

Who we are and what we do: We are a Veteran-owned engineering consulting firm with a combined 40+ years of experience, and with a significant involvement in the medical device sector. We specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of turnkey test engineering solutions (using standardized platforms/fixtures/jigs) to be used during the development/prototype phases of a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). Our development platform (with JigLogic) was developed to use similar technology employed by high-end data acquisition units and allows for an on-board, multi-channel signal switching scheme that eliminates the need to probe and/or attach test leads during development, and/or evaluation/bring-up. This and other built-in optional features can facilitate, and in many cases streamline the development and/or testing process. Our products are intended to be used in areas such as R&D (Hardware/Software Development), Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC), and/or at the Contract Manufacturer (CM).

Some of the benefits from using the JigLogic™ technology**:
· No need to probe and/or attach/remove test wires/leads during debug/development and/or test
· Provides a "fixed" setup to quickly test/validate multiple prototypes and gather the necessary data
· Similar setups can be shared/replicated across teams to expedite development and/or ensure repeatability and reproducibility of test results

** requires for test points/pads to be present on UUT, in order to engage (via spring-loaded test probes) from the fixture side. Other DFT rules may apply.

Visit our Products page for additional information, or to receive a quote or inquire about our company and/or our products, please use the form included in our Inquiry/RFQ page.

Our aim and focus: To provide quality and value-added test engineering solutions which complement the needs of the customer, so the customer can focus on the company's business model choices.